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A Tale of Music
"Ouch." Yeah. That's how I'm starting my story. Ouch. Says a lot doesn't it? I didn't really mean to start off on such an offbeat note, and the first sentence really sets the tone for the story but, oh well. Some stories, are inspiring, others are scary, some are funny. This one is just..plain..weird. It's not that it's strange, it's just more on the line that some stories just can't be put into a topic. And this is one of those stori-
"Ouch? Is that really how you're going to take it? Ouch? Come on. Man up." And there you just witnessed only the most classy boy in the whole school. I mean look at him. The way his hair isn't washed or combed, the reek of I dont even want to know what, and the oh-so-beautiful voice that sounds like a vacuum trying to eat up a lego. Classy, on point. "Aren't you going to say something? Or are you just going to sit there zoning off like always?" This jerk right here, is the 'Coolest Kid in the World'. His name is Joel, but he prefers the name Joe. I call
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 1 2
GET TESSEREKT by MrRandomer GET TESSEREKT :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 0 0
The Doctor (2)
The more that I was out in harms  way
The more obvious it became.
The doctor wouldn't  Be staying with me
I'd never know his name.
He brought me back to my home one day
But didn't come out with me
I turned to go back into the TARDIS.
But there was nothing there to see.
The doctor had left me just like that
But I knew that he meant well
For so many weeks I'd been with him
So many secrets he didn't tell.
But the question  at stands out most if all
The one with no answer to,
Doctor, just one question.
Doctor? Doctor who?
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 12 0
The Doctor
I once knew a man of mystery
cunning, funny, smart.
He went by the name, The Doctor,
he seemed to have more than one heart.
He saved me not once, but twice from death,
and the second time I knew,
his life was filled with sadness and loss,
and he would leave me in his box of blue.
We ran and ran from danger,
and The Doctor grew on me.
He brought me back to his TARDIS,
I was filled with joy and glee.
When we entered, I nearly fainted,
my brain was nearly fried.
For what I saw before me,
was bigger...on the inside!
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 0 0
ASDFG STAHP DOING THIS TO ME by MrRandomer ASDFG STAHP DOING THIS TO ME :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 0 3 The DA Bros by MrRandomer The DA Bros :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 1 17 6th Grade by MrRandomer 6th Grade :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 0 7 Doctor Poke by MrRandomer Doctor Poke :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 1 15
Blowing up the Sara
Hey tiptoed onto the cabin porch. "How did we come to the decision that I'M the one who has to do it?" He complained. "We didn't." Fool was hiding on top of the roof of the Athena cabin. "I just assumed you would be the one who wanted to do it the most." Beast was standing on the porch next to Hey with one of those "I'm going to kill you if you don't go in there" looks. Hey really had no choice. He walked nervously into the cabin. "Oh look. A conveniently placed sack of whatever." Hey mumbled Hey picked up the sack. No traps. "Well, that worked out better than-" Suddenly all he could see was a slimy substace all over his face. "REALLY? APPLESAUCE BOMBS?!.
Beast stood outside the Hermes cabin. She was trying to listen to see if there was any noise coming from inside. She heard an explosion and only assumed the worse. Hey was dead.
She looked up at Fool and made the hand motion of a knife cutting her
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 0 10
Blowing up the Sarie Pt. 2
After a harsh beating from Beast, Hey ran off into the woods and got lost. Than he found... BUNKER 9! So he decided to do a bit of exploring. He jumped into it and found something he really didn't expect. Fool was there. Peeing on a robotic dog. "OH MY FREAKING- GODS- I DID NOT HAVE TO SEE THAT." Hey screamed. Fool jumped and threw a metal helmet at Hey. "WHAT THE- I MEAN- YOU DIDN'T JUST SEE THAT. YOUR DREAMING." Fool screamed back. "Bro. I think I know the difference between a dream and a guy peeing on a dog." Than there was a moment of silence as they watched the dog malfunction and then explode. The silence was broken by Hey. "So..Uhm. Why were you peeing on the dog..?" Hey asked. "Maybe. I wanted revenge on a certain person. Who...STOLE MY HAIRBRUSH." Fool replied almost mentally. Hey glanced at the robotic dog, now in pieces and found a tag that said. ~ Property of Sara. "Wait.. So you have a reason to hate Sara too..? And over a hairbrush..?" Hey asked. "STOP SHOOTING QUESTIONS
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 1 4
Blowing up the Sara
"TROLOLOLOL" Heyguy sang as he skipped around camp. Then he accidently skipped into Beast. She had one of those weird Beast-faces. Beast pushed Hey off and punched him in the arm. "OWH!" Hey squeaked, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Beast was kind of starting to intimidate Hey now. "I'M GONNA KILL HER!" Beast screamed. "I'M GONNA KILL HER AND SHE'S GONNA PAY!" "Pay..? Pay for what? Who? When? What? WHO? WHERE IS MY SANITY?!" Hey screamed back. "SARA! SHE STOLE MY FREAKING AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!" Beast raged. "American girl dolls.. really? Girls are so weird." Hey replied. "Oh well, I guess I'll help you plot revenge." So Hey and Beast went to the Apollo cabin and started plotting. First, they got a bunch of blueprints. Then, they got a bunch of fake glasses that made them look smarter. And put pencils on their ear, an-"Wait. How the hell is this supposed to help us get revenge on Sara?" Beast asked. Hey thought for a minute. "Uh....." Hey gazed at the ceili
:iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 1 17
Harry Potter Strikes back! by MrRandomer Harry Potter Strikes back! :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 2 2 The DA Sisters by MrRandomer The DA Sisters :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 2 23 Poke at school by MrRandomer Poke at school :iconmrrandomer:MrRandomer 2 5

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i want to delete my old photos so bad because they make me cringe but i find them amusing at the same time smh
hello my name is heyguy and i miss da squad feelsbadman 
omg deviantart omg crying rn


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I like to make random picture and comics. I'm not much of an artist, but I enjoy it. Most of my art is made online. I'm a begginer at drawing cartoons. They may not be realistic, but it is a start. I am also a writer. I like writing stories, mostly about demi-gods, but sometimes about random topics.


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